Last month my boyfriend took me to Maastricht for a weekend. I had been there once before and I loved it so much. The city doesn't look very Dutch, which is probably why us Dutchies like the way it looks so much. Maastricht is super cozy and there is so much to do!

Like every city, Maastricht is great for shopping! For some reason I don't enjoy shopping anymore. So the roles were reversed; I was the poor girlfriend following my boyfriend around. Just kidding :P

Ofcourse we couldn't visit Maastricht without visiting the Dominicanen bookshop, which is located in this beautiful church.

Maastricht has a beautiful historical city center, it is definitely worth exploring! We took a walk to see the old parts of the city such as the city wall, the old mills and the beautiful streets.

Maastricht has the most beautiful, big, historical churches. Some of them are open to visit. 

We took the boat to the St. Peter's mountain to visit the underground limestone caves. This mountain is so beautiful and full of nature, you can take a boat later and go for a walk!

When you visit the south of the Netherlands it is important to sit down and have a drink. The southern Dutch lifestyle is all about enjoying life, you will notice this. 

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  1. Ziet er zo leuk uit! Ik wil ook nog naar Maastricht, hoor er veel leuke verhalen over :)


    1. Zeker doen! Accomodatie in Maastricht is niet eens zo duur en met een NS groepsretour (Facebook groepen) kun je er voor 7 euro heen!

  2. What a cute city! I'd love to explore more of the Netherlands, I've only been to Amsterdam but loved the culture so much.