Day two of MBFWA SS16 is a wrap. Yesterday I went to six shows: Noir Near Future, ARMY OF ME, Zyanya Keizer, Tony Cohen, FUTURA and Lichting. I am still exhausted, and my feet still hurt like hell (read walking in killer heels for about ten hours). But it was amazing, every show was beautiful. So here is an overview of the shows and my favorite outfits!

Noir Near Future
We started off with Noir Near Future, it was perfect. I'd actually wear all of these items. The colors, the prints, the simplicity, it is the perfect SS16 collection. I also love how they did the hair and make-up of the models, it compliments the clothing.

Apparently men really can pull off eyeliner. And even though it is a men's collection I still loved this show. It's sort of a military/ninja inspired collection I guess? Anyway I love it and I love black. I'd actually love to see a women's collection of this brand! 

Zyanya Keizer
My absolute favorite show from day two! And the flour on the floor made everything even more perfect. Though my heels looked like I just came from the beach :P 

Tony Cohen
Tony Cohen has done quite some shows at MBFWA, but this one is not like the ones I've seen before. Which is definitely a good thing. This collection is darker, and the darker the better :P There was some color and some white in it as well, but these are the outfits I liked most.

I got instant Saved by the Bell vibes while watching this show. So how can I not love this collection?! FUTURA is a men's wear brand, that's just too bad.

Lichting Supported by V&D
Lichting is a competition between the best design students of five different art/fashion schools. A total of ten students each made a collection of five outfits. These were shown first, and then they picked a winner. Nikki Duijst won (the beautiful striped white-turqoise-black collection). 

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Day two of MBFWA SS16 is a wrap. Yesterday I went to six shows: Noir Near Future, ARMY OF ME, Z...

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