Sadly the weather was horrible the past week, so no shiny summer photos. Though I did shoot some lovely warm outfit posts last week. They are already on the blog. I also received my diploma for Commercial Employee! And I went to the cinema to see Cinderella.

This place is like a walk-in desert! 

New outfit on the blog, click HERE for the full post.

A little pinecone!

I got my diploma for Commercial Employee! Not that I am ever going to do something with it, but it's a start. Now three more to go, before I can go to the AMFI!

The first time I peeled a pomegranate, it looks pretty weird inside.

Another outfit on the blog! Click HERE for the full post.

My sister made me this salad, it was amazing.

This plant grows at the place where I prefer to shoot my outfit posts. I love it so much! When the sun shines on it, it gets a beautiful bronze glow.

Friday night we went to see Cinderella. I loved it so much, I'm a huge Disney lover! Whenever I have the time I still watch old Disney cartoons. I love the styling in the remakes. Plus Richard Madden is insanely hot!

Yesterday when I got home from shooting outfits, the weather on our way back was horrible. So this is me with bad hair and no make-up. Yes I am wearing two pairs of glasses. My Polette prescription glasses, and my Polette E-glasses. That's my no contacts Photoshop combo.

While I was editing the photos, Daan came to distract me. He always wants to sit on my lap when I am using my laptop. Sometimes he even jumps on top of my laptop.

Failed selfie.

A little peek from yesterday's shoot. The post will be up next week!

I also photographed my sister!

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