The past week was so beautiful! I can see that springtime is coming, and the weather was perfect as well. This makes me so happy. And I think you can see it in my photos as well. I also posted two outfit posts, shot on a beautiful location, full of summer vibes! 

Cappuccino time! I am so addicted to cappuccinos lately.

I posted a new outfit on the blog, click HERE for the full post.

My new cactus!

Another outfit on the blog! Click HERE for the full post.

I have no idea what these flowers are, but they are pretty.

Aren't they cute?!

I went to this beautiful location again, to shoot some outfits I'll post next week when I'm back from Berlin!

A little peek from an outfit I shot. My favorite Polette sunnies!

Pine cones!

Sweet Collin resting his head on my leg, lying down in the sun.

I got an Alöe Vera plant! I kept stealing leaves from my sister her plant, so it was about time to get my own.

So this week I won't post an outfit, since I'll be in Berlin. But make sure you visit my blog tomorrow (monday the 16th of March). It's my first anniversary so I'll have a little surprise for you guys!

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