* A few weeks ago I got these glasses in the mail. You're looking at the E-Brooklyn E-glasses from Polette. From now on I will always wear these glasses when I am editing photos, read here why.

You're probably wondering, what are E-glasses? This is a new product you can buy at Polette. E-glasses protect your eyes from the blue light that comes from screens (computer, TV, smartphones). I spend almost the entire day behind my computer. When I go to school I work on my computer, when I come home I do my homework on my computer, in my spare time I blog and edit photos on my computer. Because I spend so much time behind my computer I sometimes have trouble getting to sleep, and sometimes I get headaches from my computer. But that's not the only reason why I decided to try them. When I edit photos my eyes get dry and irritated from starring at the screen. When this happens I can't see the photo well anymore. And when I edit photos I want to be able to see them clearly. 


Do they work? Based on my experience I can say that they do. When I spend the day behind my computer wearing E-glasses I have more energy at the end of the day. But especially while using Photoshop I've noticed great results. When I was editing my photos while wearing my E-glasses, my eyes didn't get dry and irritated! I kept sharp vision while I was editing my photos, so after a while I was still able to see them clearly. I am an "edit it all at once" kind of photographer, so these glasses are definitely for me!

Like I said, you can get these E-glasses at Polette. They come in different frames and styles. If you wear prescription glasses just be patient, they are working on prescription E-glasses!

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* A few weeks ago I got these glasses in the mail. You're looking at the E-Brooklyn E-glasses from Polette . From now on I will alwa...


  1. Aah nice! Die wil ik ook proberen. Ik heb ook echt alleen een bril voor de computer en hoofdpijn tegen te gaan.


  2. Ik heb hem gister ook besteld ben heel erg benieuwd wanneer hij binnenkomt, schreef er vandaag ook al een artikel over. Fijne review!