The past week I had the week off. So I had plenty of time to relax after my exams, and to do things I usually didn't had the time for. Like reading books for instance, shopping, and shooting an outfit post on a beautiful location.

Tea time! I finally had some time again to go to the library and read some books.

I shot an outfit post on this beautiful location! My friend Esmée shot these photos for a change. It was nice, but extremely cold! After shooting two outfits we couldn't feel our toes anymore, so we went to Esmée her place to warm up with some tea. Click HERE for the full post.

I made this photo while we were shooting the outfit post. I don't know what kind of plan this is, but I love how the flowers have kind of a bronze color. 

I went shopping for plants for my room. The big one and the little one are Cacti. The middle one on the right is an Aloë plant. Aloë Vera is next on my wishlist!

I Love Fake Magazine, too bad it doesn't exist anymore. But I still love looking into old issues, they are very inspiring!

I went to Amersfoort with my sister for some organic food shopping. I bought way too many herbs for tea.

I got this little Christmas tree at Dille & Kamille. It's on my nightstand because it smells so good!

I got crunchy muesli at the wholefoods store, I've been craving that for years!

I received my Boohoo order in the mail, including this beautiful dress that I'll be shooting an outfit post in very soon!

I went thrift shopping for pots for my plants. I actually got home with pots, that's new for me. And I also got home with a faux fur coat, a shoulder padded blouse and weckpots. That's more like me.

I kept telling myself those films are way too expensive, but I couldn't resist. So I got myself an Instax camera.

I tried my new camera out on Collin. It's a really funny photo since he looks like a little dog there, while in real life he is huge! When he is standing his head reaches my armpit.

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The past week I had the week off. So I had plenty of time to relax after my exams, and to do things I usually didn't had the time fo...


  1. Prachtige foto's! Waar bewerk je mee? :)

    1. Deze foto's zijn van mijn Instagram dus zijn bewerkt met VSCO Cam, outfits bewerk ik met Photoshop! :) XX

  2. Je maakt prachtige foto's! Heerlijk sfeertje.


  3. i love the way you edit your photo

  4. Ik vind dat je insta een heerlijke vibe heeft :)


  5. I love the pictures and the vintage, retro touch they have!

    much love xxx