A little late, I'm sorry! But it's time to tell you guys about my week again. I was so busy shooting outfit posts, and I went out for diner which took more time than I expected.. But here it is, a flash of my week!

 The past week I've been watching Coven from American Horror Story. I love the styling of this season, the Fleetwood Mac music, and the fact that Stevie Nicks is in it! 

I shot a new outfit post. Click HERE for the full post.

When I was walking towards the train station, I noticed this beautiful sunrise.

I wrote a post about my Polette E-glasses! Click HERE for the post.

I'm in love with dried flowers.

Tea and apple pie at my grandma. 

What do you guys think of these New Look pants? I'll post an outfit with them soon!

My baby cactus is dying! Poor thing couldn't handle the winter. I tried to save him but I have no idea if he will survive.

Tea time!

Yesterday evening I went out for diner at Dara, which is one of the reasons why I'm posting this so late.

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