We all know them, the Instagram accounts with the perfect feeds and a few thousand followers. For a while I've been looking for good apps that make smartphone photos look professional, or at least make my Instagram feed look good. Ofcourse I would love to share them with my readers. So here is a little list of my absolute favorite apps.

This is the app that I always use. Afterlight is a paid app (not expensive though). It is easy to use and it has a huge amount of filters. It is good for basic editings as well. You can also add light leaks and dust to give the photos an analog mood. 

If you're looking for a free alternative for Afterlight, this app is perfect. I like VSCO Cam very much as well. It is kind of the same when you compare it to Afterlight. But on Afterlight all the filters are free. On VSCO Cam you can make an account and follow other people. But this app is extremely slow on my phone, so I decided to use Afterlight instead.

This app has a lot of filters, light leaks, textures, etcetera. It is also for basic editing. The filters are different from the ones from Afterlight and VSCO Cam. You just have to try which one suits your style.

With this app you can blend two photos in one. I really like this app because I like to experiment with photos. You can make very dreamy and inspiring photos with this app. 

Mirror Photo
Mirrored photos are very hot at the moment. I used to do this with Photoshop (and I still do with professional work), but for Instagram it is way easier to use an app. 

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We all know them, the Instagram accounts with the perfect feeds and a few thousand followers. F...


  1. Leuk! Ik gebruikte altijd vsco cam maar ik heb nu photoshop er op staan :)


    1. Whoa kan je Photoshop op je telefoon zetten? Ook voor Android? :o

    2. Photoshop Express, is als het goed is ook voor Android ja!

  2. Jammere dat je voor afterlight moet betalen, ik gebruik altijd whitagram en befunky, hele chille apps !

  3. Ik ken ze nog niet allemaal. Af en toe gebruik ik VSCO Cam, leuke app is het X