Lately I received some questions about how I edit my photos. The truth is, I don't edit my photos that much. And whatever I do in Photoshop really isn't that special. So I decided to start with posting some basic tips and tricks. This is an easy and cheap way to get a soft, hazy, light leak, vintage effect in your photos!

What you need:
- A small transparent plastic bag
- An elastic band or a hairtie (optional)
- Colored markers (optional)

Step 1: Get your plastic bag, and use your hands to tear a hole in the bottom. 
Step 2: Slide it over your camera lens, with the teared hole a little past the end of your lens.
Step 3 (optional): I prefer to secure the bag with an elastic band or a hairtie. But it isn't necessary since you'll still be holding the bag to keep it in place.
Step 4 (optional): You can give the edges of the bag some color with colored markers.

 This is the effect I get without using a colored marker.

On this photo I colored the edges of the bag with a pink colored marker.

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Lately I received some questions about how I edit my photos. The truth is, I don't edit my p...


  1. Jaa super cute! Ik heb ook wel eens doorzichtig papier en dan kleuren er op geverfd! Was ook mooi :)


  2. Wauw, wat geeft dat een mooi effect!

  3. This is a seriously cool DIY trick! I'll remember it if and when I get a "real" camera and stop using my iphone.

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  4. Omg wat een handige diy! Dit ga ik zeker een keer proberen, thanks voor de tip! x

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  6. Wauw, wat gaaf! Dit moet ik echt een x uitproberen!