It is time to tell you guys about my week again! The past week I photographed an outfit, went to the open day from the AMFI, went vintage shopping, started a giveaway, and became a brunette!

Have you already entered my giveaway? I am giving away a pair of glasses, sunglasses or E-glasses by choice! Click HERE to read how you can win.

I scored this bomberjack while vintage shopping, it even has shoulderpads. I can't wait to wear it!

I shot this outfit with my new glasses, click HERE for the full post.

Bagels & Beans with my sister!

I went to the open day from the AMFI. International business still lasts a year, but I've already decided what I want to do next!

New bag! I'm not a backpack person but I really like this one.

 Playing with BlendPic.

New outfit! The docs aren't new though. I got it at the Asos sale.

I'm a brunette! It's almost my natural color. But I'm not so sure what my natural color is, I haven't seen it in about eight years. But this is only temporarily, I want to dye it dark cherry red or dark purple.

There's no better way to celebrate the weekend than with Mockamore!

I couldn't help but stop by at the Lush store.

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  1. these pictures are gorgeous! I followed you on instagram (a8lia)
    would you mind telling me how you edit them? I really love the filter
    If you have a minute, it would be lovely if you could also checkout my blog!

    1. Ahww thanks! This is a post about the apps I use for Instagram photos :) http://www.laurenlouvaine.com/2015/01/my-favorite-apps-for-smartphone.html