The past week I shot an outfit post, removed most of my hairdye, received my new glasses, celebrated my friend her 19th birthday, and I received my Asos order.

Last week I shot this outfit post, click HERE for the full post.

My friend Sofie turned 19! On this photo we were on our way to the McDrive. It is never too cold for ice cream.

Chilling with my bestie. This huge beast is the sweetest dog ever, and my personal teddy bear!

New crop top! I love zodiac prints.

I received my new glasses from Polette Eyewear, there will be a discount code and a giveaway on the blog this week!

I took this analog photo a while ago. Too bad it takes so long to receive the results because I love analog photography so much.

There was a huge sale on Asos so I had to place another order. These two are my favorites from what I bought!

I removed most of the hairdye out of my hair. I want to try something new, dark cherry red or dark purple perhaps. But it is still too dark for that. So first I'll just give my hair some rest.

I think Gypsophila is one of the most undervalued flowers. In the spring it grows next to my house, it smells so good!

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