The first week of my winter break is over. It is so nice to have some spare time. The past week I went ice skating and shopping in Amsterdam, celebrated Christmas, shot an outfit post, and took lots of time for myself.

A week ago I photographed this outfit, click HERE for the full post.

Tuesday I went to Amsterdam with my friend Sofie. We went ice skating on the Museumplein. The Christmas market on the Rembrandtplein was supposed to be huge, but there were about 10 stands or less. So we went shopping on the Kalverstraat. There was a huge sale, so I had to go to Urban Outfitters. Ofcourse we ended up with Starbucks.

I spent Christmas Eve at my uncle and aunt their house. My grandma was there as well. They always arrange the best dinner parties, but I always eat way too much as well. 

I took lots of time for myself the past week, to find inspiration for instance.

It was snowing yesterday! I felt overjoyed like a little kid when I saw it. Until I realised I needed to ride my bicycle to get to the gym.

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  1. Leuk! Je schaats foto vind ik vooral heel grappig!