Glasses // Brillen24
Tee // Public Urban
Lipstick // Diva by MAC
Bag // Oldschool Bags
Faux Fur Coat // Asos
Jeans // Noisy May
Pumps // Mango

These glasses are actually my actual glasses, it was one of those non-contacts days. So I figured this outfit would look lovely with them. They're not the most comfortable ones though, they're not adjusted well. I had a pair of glasses that were adjusted perfectly, no matter what they stayed on my nose. Sadly I sat on them so now they are broken. Haha, the story behind the glasses. Oh well, what about this Oldschool Bag? It is perfect for work or casual use. Plus it's the perfect size to carry my laptop, that's a bonus point. I am so in love with these pumps! They are super comfortable and sexy. Sadly the weather is getting colder so I don't really get to wear them anymore. But I am pretty sure I'll still love them when the weather gets warmer, or even more. I probably don't need to say again how much I love dark matte lipsticks and faux fur coats. So what do you think? Any musthaves? Let me know!

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  1. Aah ik ben ook zo klunzig dat ik op me bril ga zitten. Gelukkig nog nooit gedaan om dat ik mijn bril nooit op heb.... Staat je goed! Maar ik ben vooral weg van je shirt :)


  2. Love the shoes, the bag and the glasses! x