Sadly this is everything. The photoservice screwed up half of my photos so they are gone now. I tried really hard not to get mad at them, that kind of succeeded. But now I will never get to see half of the photos I took and that feels really bad. But positive vibes people. I am really happy with the photos that I did receive. Some of these photos are still from last summer so I was getting pretty impatient to see them. So most of these photos are from my vacation in Albufeira. I like the analogue mood in party pics. But I like an analogue mood in everything. The one with the lights are Christmas lights, I know pretty early. I just love Christmas so much, there are always Christmas lights above my bed. And a few photos are from Halloween. I went to two different parties. So at one photo I have dark eyes and on two photos I have fake wounds. So yes short post, little photos. Next time I truly hope I receive all of my photos. 

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  1. Wow, balen zeg! Ik vind de foto's die wel goed zijn in elk geval wel heel mooi!

  2. Jammer! had je niet de negatieven kunnen vragen, of waren die ook verpest? Ik ben zelf ook dol op analogen foto's :)


    1. Oehh leukleuk! Analoge fotografie heeft gewoon een heerlijke sfeer :) Nee de negatieven kreeg ik er bij, die waren ook verpest :(

  3. Jammer dat dit alles is maar vindt het er wel mega leuk uitzien desondanks!