Lipstick // Diva from MAC Cosmetics
Lip pencil // Nightmoth from MAC Cosmetics
Faux leather jacket // Pepe Jeans
Tee // Noisy May
Boots // Dr. Martens

This outfit is quite casual compared to most of my outfits, but I like it. As you can see there's a red glow in my hair. I dyed it red a few weeks ago. You can only see it when I'm standing in the light, that's exactly how I wanted it. Because now it looks dark red, very Autumn-ish. Though it's already starting to bore me so I'll probably dye it all black again soon. Black is the only hair color that doesn't get boring. It goes with so many looks :P So yaaayyy, I got the week off! I won't be doing much fun stuff, mostly homework. But I just got back from the cinema. I went to see The Best of Me together with a friend, it was so sad! I guess I expected a happy ending, just like The Notebook has. But yeah no, no happy ending. I've been crying the entire movie. But it's such a good movie though, I highly recommend it. But the rest of the week will be for homework. And I'm not having much luck with finding an internship as well, so wish me luck. How about you guys, any plans for this week, already got your Autumn break? I'd love to hear.

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  1. Toffe outfit. Zwart op zwart is altijd goed!

  2. your photos are just perfect!! love the colors! wonderful blog! im following you from now on! hope to see you on my page too! kisses!