Tattoo choker // Ebay
Faux fur coat // Asos
Satin cami top // Boohoo
Dark red lipstick // YSL
Midi skirt // Boohoo

Goodbye summer, hello autumn! Autumn is such a beautiful season and I love the cosy mood it brings with it. And because the wind is getting colder, my clothes are getting thicker.. Which means shopping time! To be very honest I have already been shopping, my wardrobe is ready for autumn. And to make very sure that you are as well, I've listed my top 5 autumn essentials! 

#1 Faux fur coats
They're fluffy, warm, fashionable and extremely comfortable! That's why faux fur coats are my number one this autumn. I will definitely be wearing these a lot. Plus if you're trick or treating this year these cuties will keep you warm and they look good on most costumes! Especially when you dress up as Cruella de Vil ofcourse, which I have definitely considered. Just to be clear, I am strongly against real fur. If you prefer your coat to be made of real fur that's OK, I do recommend you buy it vintage. 

#2 Dark red lipstick
Dark purple is one of my favorites as well. I love how these lipsticks make my lips look fuller and they also make my face look thinner. Ofcourse that is not the main reason why I love dark red and dark purple lipsticks. They just look amazing! I love the colors and they are great to finish your autumn/winter look.

#3 Satin cami tops
Now everybody should be having these in their closet! Because they look great on every skirt and on lots of jeans as well. I'm in love with the vintage look of these satin cami tops, they look very 90's.

#4 Tattoo chokers
Talking about 90's! I remember when I used to wear tattoo chokers as a kid. They had these machines at the grocery store where you had to put a coin in and then a ball rolled out and it was a surprise what was in it. Most of the time I got these chokers out of the machine and I wore them with pride. Good times, that probably explains a lot about why I love them so much. But ofcourse I also love them so much because they look fabulous!

#5 Midi skirts
Another one of these items that every girl should own. Midi skirts just have the perfect length. They aren't too short that they crawl up and they aren't too long that you keep stepping on it and the fabric is constantly in your way. This perfect length makes them look very classy. And ofcourse they look great with most kinds of tops/sweaters on it and most kinds of shoes underneath it.

Are you trying to save some money while shopping for your autumn wardrobe? Then you should definitely take a look at Raise is a website where you can buy gift cards for a lower price and sell your own gift cards if you're not planning on using them. They have gift cards from Topshop, H&M and Zara for instance, where you can definitely succeed to purchase a brand new autumn wardrobe. Sadly they do not accept international purchases yet. But if you are from the US, it is definitely worth visiting!

So what do you think of my top 5 autumn essentials, and what are yours? Inspire me!

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  1. I love everything about this look, it is just perfect! you look stunning. unfortunately i cant pull off these looks even if i wanted to!

    1. Nahww why not? I'm pretty sure you can ;)