As we traveled from the center of Marrakesh to the Zagora desert we passed some beautiful places. We drove for hours through the Atlas mountains, deserts and palm tree forests. While everyone was asleep, I couldn't stop looking through the window. We took some beautiful photos along the road and these are my favorites.

A few days ago we left to Zagora to spend a night in the Sahara. It was such a long drive (7 hours) and we entered the Sahara by camel, which is quite a workout. In the end we were so sore and exhausted from the journey, but it was so worth it. I have never seen a night sky so beautiful! There were so many stars and they were shining so brightly. So we took our matresses and decided to sleep outside. It was incredible, I will never forget it. Now I hope all my wishes come true from all the falling stars I've seen :)